Our vision is to be a first-class communications/media company in Africa whilst our mission is to offer avant-garde communication services employing well-honed professionals and state of the art equipment. We will always dare to be creatively different and raise the bar of service delivery Businesses everywhere are set up to fill a perceived gap in the market and all the important tools needed to convey the essence of the product, service or business solution is to "communicate" its value to the targeted publics. Same goes for government institutions, which are primarily established to hold collective authority; and to serve the interest of the people. In order to achieve anything meaningful, government institutions (like their private sector counterparts) need to "communicate" the value and the essence of their policies and principles in order to effectively mobilize the majority of the citizenry to achieve the desired goals. The vital link that determines the success of any endeavor is its “acceptability”. But not all "communication" is effective or can be relied on to produce the required results. This is where we come in, to fill the gap. We interface with clients and evolve the communication intent and then deploy the most cost-effective strategies to promote the product, service or brand to the targeted audience.


Our forte is the cross disciplinary and creative synergy of our approach and the use of well-formed strategies in evolving ingenious and captivating products on all media. The most important issue is to ensure that there is unanimity of purpose between what the desires of the client and our service delivery. It is from this unity of purpose in terms of campaign conceptualization processing and implementation that we derived our name – Media Synergy! We are a first-class advertising/communication agency with specialized professional competencies in print, audiovisual productions; media relations; traditional and digital advertising; events managements and the provision of other communications platforms. With deep and multifaceted experience of its key staff garnered in all areas of advertising, marketing and media, we have in the last 13 years created a professional platform for the progression of ideas to provide uncommon solutions to the communication needs of our clients. Whatever the brief, we apply our time-honored creative discipline that drives every process to create - communication solutions that are effective


Our unique selling point (USP) is the creative acumen and profundity that we bring to the table of service delivery. We see possibilities where none seems to exist as we do not believe that there are limitations to creativity. On our turf, we usually prefer to be on the overdrive and churn out limitless creative products even beyond the client’s brief. In order words, we’ll actually squeeze water out of stone literarily in our relentless drive for creativity.


We are a specialized communications company and content provider for radio and television, video programming with a depth of professionalism and experience steeped in global best practice. Team spirit is the key ingredient for our creativity, dynamism and growth. At Media Synergy, synergy truly happens, with each member of the team putting their best foot forward. We use assertive inquiry to explore other people's mental models. We listen actively for better understanding. We paraphrase what is being said to allow for clarification and further exploration. We make the environment safe for participation. We clarify common goals. We agree with different approaches sincerely and compare and contrast ideas. We accept diversity of people, beliefs, ideas and views. We use our strategies to build a shared understanding of the issues at hand, and in turn, we collaborate, in an integrative way. For us, collaboration is the backbone of team synergy, where the solution is far superior to the combined concepts or ideas. It takes into consideration the needs, concerns, desires and wants of all parties and offers the most lasting, positive results. At Media Synergy, we operate Team synergy and adhere to the old adage that two heads are better than one, and in the philosophy of assertive inquiry, this phrase is taken to heart. Also, we find the bridge between opposing ideas even when the resolution is not found in a linear, cause and effect relationship, but can be traced to multiple avenues of causation. With integrative thinking, accepting complexity and embracing it are part of our keys to success: we have learnt that limiting options and limiting solutions so that things are easier to think about is not going to produce the best end results. At media Synergy, we explore and consider a larger group of options in order to yield better results.


The Organization has a Board comprising of the Executive Chairman and two Directors. Our operation is structured into departments and Units comprising the following:

The units are: Research & Strategic Planning, Finance and Administration. There are 5 non-Executive Directors and other mid-level managers, officers and others. Our agency is headed by our Executive Chairman who is a Marketing Communication Specialist with over 35 years top notch experience in communications, marketing, and stakeholder relations.

He is supported by the following Directors: Chief Operating Officer (COO), Client Service Director (CSD); Creative Director (CD); Production Director (PD), and Media Director (MD).

Other senior and middle level managers and officers include: Art Director, Account Directors, Client Service Managers and Account Executives; Creative Manager, Copy Writer and Executives; Media Manager, and Executives; Web Designers, Social Media Executive and Editor/Videographer (Production) and Executives. The unit heads are Head of Research & Strategic Planning, Head of Finance, and Head of Administration.

In addition, the Admin & Finance unit includes Finance Officer, Admin officer, Procurement Officer, IT specialist, and Finance Assistant/Book keeper. The Auditor/Compliance Officer is responsible to the office of the Executive Chairman. Interns and Youth Corp members make up the rest of the team.

An organogram showing our structure is attached below.

The strength in depth of our team is exemplified by our list of Consultants and other Experts who come in from to time to handle briefs which entail outsourcing of varied and specialized competencies.